Panga fishing Magdalena Bay

In Pursuit of the Great Marlin

It sounded like nearby highway noise. But we were miles from the nearest highway where traffic could produce that rolling, monotone hum. Or perhaps it …

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SUP on the shore on a calm day

Baja Travel Stories: A Million Fish

There were no less than one million fish beneath my board as I paddled to the island today. It was the kind of morning on the Bay of Concepcion that you wish you had every day…


The Reason You Should Never Take A Banana on a Boat

Bananas don’t belong on boats. There are lore and legend that attempt to explain why. But any old sailor conscious of the give and take of the sea will tell you that bananas simply do not belong on a boat.

Woman holding a broken part in a mechanic shop

The Great Baja Quake of 2019

There aren’t earthquakes in Baja. At least, we don’t think there are. Well, to be honest, we have no idea whether there are earthquakes or …

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