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Volunteer in La Paz, Mexico at Kids Up Therapeutic Riding Center

If you are an animal or horse lover and would like to volunteer in ways that use animals to help children with […]

The Great Baja Quake of 2019

There aren’t earthquakes in Baja. At least, we don’t think there are. Well, to be honest, we have no idea whether there […]

Language, and Love: A Story From Our Time At The New Creations Orphanage in La Paz

No entiendo. If I were more crafty and creative with my hands I’d sew Lindsay a t-shirt or maybe make her a […]

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How To RV

Considering going full time in your RV? Just want to get away for the weekends? These resources will help you learn how to RV!

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Explore Photography

Welcome to the beautiful world as seen through Lindsay’s camera lens!

Enjoy her photo essays below as we continue our journey to explore the world!


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Travel To Alaska

Alaska is truly the Last Frontier! Separated from the Lower 48 by thousands of miles, Alaska has developed a unique identity full of outdoor activities and adventures. From fishing to hiking, searching for wildlife to relaxing in beautiful places, the state has it all!

If you’re thinking about traveling to Alaska, let these posts help you plan your trip!

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Why Harvest Hosts should be your go-to RV club!

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Planning Your Perfect Alaska Road Trip Itinerary (2020 Edition)

Start your Alaska road trip planning here!

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