Support Orphans in La Paz, Mexico at New Creations Kids Orphanage

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If you are looking for ways to volunteer in La Paz, Mexico and would like to have a huge impact on the lives of children, then connecting with New Creations Kids orphanage will be life-changing.

Although you may not be able to have the same experience as we had, we can guarantee you that any way you can serve the kids and staff at New Creations Kids will be beneficial. 

Whether you would like to volunteer in person or simply find ways to either directly support or to help raise support for the orphanage, anything you can do is appreciated. 

Volunteer in La Paz, Mexico at New Creations Kids Orphanage

New Creations Kids orphanage is a great place to volunteer in La Paz. The city itself is ripe with culture and plenty of things to do.

But going the extra mile to serve the children in the orphanage will reap massive benefits for the children throughout their lives. 

About New Creations Kids Orphanage

New Creations Kids is a non-governmental orphanage that was founded and is currently run by Roberto and Alma Osuna.

It is designed to be a safe and loving home for children as NONE of the children are placed up for adoption. 

The orphanage will care for anywhere between 15-25 children at a time – providing for every need in the children’s lives.

From basic needs for food, shelter and clothing to medical and dental care, each child receives the best.

In addition to meeting physical needs, New Creations Kids operates in such a way to ensure that the children’s emotional needs are met as well.

The orphanage operates as one large family where every child is special and receives the love and attention he or she deserves. 

The children have daily chores and jobs around the property and participate in creating the handmade goods that are sold as part of the fundraising for the operating expenses of the orphanage.

Each child attends public school and participates in any special opportunities presented to learn English, business and other life skills to prepare them for adulthood. 

New Creations Kids cannot operate without the help and donation of others.

So we would encourage you to consider the ways below in which you can be involved in life-changing experiences for the children and for yourself as you become a part of their lives. 

Our Experience Volunteering at New Creations Kids

We arrived at the New Creations Kids orphanage on Christmas Day 2019. Because we were self-contained with our truck camper we were able to park and live out of our camper for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

And while we did not have a full grasp of the language, because the children were out of school it became our job to simply play with the children. 

We played on the playground, kicked a soccer ball around, played basketball and took daily walks to the park in the neighborhood.

The children loved exploring and simply spending time with us. 

While we were at the orphanage we joined in several projects with volunteers from Los Barriles and did our best to help the children understand the importance of keeping the property clean.

We helped them with their daily chores – such as tending the garden, washing their dishes and picking up trash and leaves around the property.

And we found as much time as we could to simply laugh. 

And while we cannot say that you will be able to have the same experience as us, we can say that anything you can do to volunteer in La Paz at the New Creations Kids orphanage will go so far for these beautiful, beautiful children! 

How To Connect with New Creations Kids

New Creations Kids is a wonderful orphanage serving the most beautiful children in the La Paz area.

If you would like to become more involved in serving the children, please see the information below. 

Contact information

If you are interested in volunteering to organize a specific project at New Creations Kids or would like to volunteer in general, please contact Adam Greenberg to arrange the opportunity.

Due to the nature of dealing with kids and local families, all interactions with the children must be arranged through him. 

Other Ways to Support New Creations Kids

If you are unable to arrange to physically volunteer at New Creations Kids, you can still be involved in a number of ways. 

  • Shop. A creative way to help fundraise for the orphanage is to shop the orphanage store. Each item is handmade by children and staff in the on-site shop and proceeds of the sale go 100% directly to the operating expenses of the orphanage. 
  • Donate. You can donate directly through the New Kids Creation website. Any amount will assist in meeting the day-to-day needs of operating the orphanage. 
  • Sponsor an Event. Whether it is taking the children to the beach, a sporting event or other opportunities throughout the community, you can directly sponsor an event for the children. Contact Adam Greenberg to let him know about your idea and sponsorship.
  • Donate Goods. The orphanage is in constant need of specific items for both the children and the facility. If you are able to donate food or clothing items – or contact Adam for specific needs around the orphanage- your donation will go a long way toward offsetting costs incurred by the orphanage. 

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