About Called To Wander!

Hello from Lindsay & Chris + Everest + Huckleberry! We are Called to Wander!

Called to Wander is an RV travel website committed to storytelling as a means to provide you inspiration and information that helps you overcome obstacles in your life so that you can travel with purpose!

Hi, we’re Chris and Lindsay – and with our sweet Australian Cattle Dogs, Everest and Huckleberry – we are Called To Wander!


We believe that everyone has a story to tell. By wandering across the world in search of adventure, we desire to share the stories of the people we meet and places we visit through journalistic prose, photography and videos.

We are in our thirties and have no kids or debt. We sold everything that we own, bought and renovated a truck camper RV and started our lives on the road!

We now live full time on the road as we have fallen in love with what we call the pursuit of the Abundant Life.

Our goal is to provide you with the inspiration and information that allows you to travel on your dream adventure.

It is our hope to teach you that you can positively impact the world while fulfilling your own travel dreams.

We love sharing stories, photos and videos from our journey. And we hope to multiply our impact by encouraging you to take steps in planning a journey of your own.

Our website is an accumulation of stories, resources and tools that will equip you to pursue the Abundant Life.

We probably shouldn’t be living this life.

  • Lindsay has Crohn’s Disease
  • Our RV is in constant need of repair
  • And we are constantly having to find ways to fund our travels

But we believe that God created us with a divine plan in mind. And for us, travel reveals our purpose.

We are created to love people – and to share the message of hope and love with them.

And we believe that travel is the best way that we can fulfill our purpose as we seek to create a smaller world.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

If this is your first visit please be sure to check out our welcome page or get started with these posts about how we have prepared for our life on the road:

On the Road

Our first adventure on the road began in March of 2018 as an attempt to drive our truck camper from Alaska to Argentina. 

The drive itself is just under 20,000 miles through a dozen countries in North, Central and South America. With enough money and the right equipment, it is possible to make the drive in a matter of months. 

But we are called to wander, not to arrive. So for us, life is found in the journey not in the destination.

In 2016 God gave us the vision to drive from Alaska to Argentina. We couldn’t really explain it. We just felt a calling in our hearts to go.

And we trusted that we would figure out more about our calling once we got on the road.

  • At the time we were serving in ministry by fostering 8 children in a group home.
  • We also owned a 40-year old fixer-upper sailboat.
  • We knew very little, if anything, about what the journey would entail.

But we were inspired by the idea that we might hit the road to complete the drive one day. We felt it was part of our destiny.

In Pursuit Of The Abundant Life

After nearly two years of preparation and planning we began the journey to reach Alaska from our home in Florida.

When we began the adventure in spring of 2018 we didn’t have enough money to complete the entire journey. But that too is part of the excitement of our story.

Every day we have had to overcome challenges. We desire to connect with people at every step of the journey. And we are learning to be dependent upon the kindness of strangers.

We help people everywhere we can, however we can.

Our comfort zone stretched beyond anything that we imagined. It is impossible to calculate the impact that others have on us.

Oh, and Lindsay has Crohn’s Disease and is attempting to find ways to show other people with Crohns Disease and other disabilities and challenges that it is possible to pursue your dreams in the midst of great adversity.

Despite the challenges we face, we are determined to pursue the abundant life.

And we are committed to overcoming the obstacles that keep us from helping others as we fulfill our dream to travel. We hope our story inspires you in some way.


We are a family of 4. Well, there are 2 humans and 2 dogs that may as well be humans by the way we treat them.

About Lindsay

Lindsay is the photographer. She is the kind of girl that loves to experience as much as she can. She is content with little and makes the most of what she has.

Lindsay is not afraid of change. She loves to move. She loves to try new things. To explore. To create.

Lindsay doesn’t feel pressure to conform to the status quo. She is simple and she enjoys the simple things in life. Lindsay loves horses, photography and exploring new places.

She wants to look back one day on her life and know that she lived it beautifully.

Lindsay was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She had a delightful childhood until around the age of 12 when she experienced tremendous pain that led to an eventual diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.

Life became more of a struggle for her then. Due to her illness and severe depression, Lindsay dropped out of high school and began working odd jobs just trying to manage her illness.

In this time Lindsay happened to attend a horse camp and after only a week she fell in love with them. She ended up spending the rest of the summer as a volunteer at the camp just so she could be around horses.

Lindsay became interested in all things related to horses and in the many times when she was confined to her bedroom due to Crohn’s flare ups she became an encyclopedia of horse racing. To this day she does not miss a single major race!

Lindsay also developed a deep desire to travel. Being restricted to the comforts of her home most days of the year led her mind to wander to the many possibilities of the world beyond her bedroom.

Eventually, Lindsay enrolled in the local community college and earned her GED. She continued to put herself through earning her Associates’ degree in art, where she focused on photography, the second passion of hers.

 About Chris

Sitting on a bench in Chippewa Park Savannah

Chris is the writer. He loves to travel and to plan. He finds balance between enjoying where he is and preparing for what comes next. Chris has an insatiable desire to see more, to do more, to experience an abundant life.

He loves the ocean, traveling to new places and sharing and teaching others the things he has learned in life.

Chris loves the idea that anything is possible and, with the right planning and preparation, that he can live a life that inspires people in some profound and important way.

Chris was born in California. Before he turned one year old, he traveled across the country several times. His parents relocated from California to Florida and Chris was every bit a part of the move. 

As a child, Chris was a jerk – well, rather, a jock, who played pretty much any sport in which he could show fierce competitiveness.

He fell in love with basketball, at about the same time in life he had a major growth spurt that gave him an advantage over his peers. Through junior high and high school Chris dreamed of playing basketball at the collegiate and professional levels.

His backup plan was to attend the US Naval Academy and become a fighter pilot. However by the time he was a senior in high school he had abandoned both dreams in order to figure out “who” he was.

As that story goes, Chris attended several colleges. But at the end of those years, still didn’t have a clue “who” he was. But he stoked a wanderlust, taking his first solo backpacking trip across Europe.  Then again, upon graduation from college, he wandered the South American continent.

Chris found that he wanted to start a career where he could help people. And he wanted to have enough time to himself to wander the globe. This led him to become a high school teacher.

Chris traveled at pretty much every opportunity. He explored the United States (including Hawaii), Japan, Bali and Honduras, where he would return nearly ten times in as many years.

He left teaching to work with a friend who he would later partner with in running a documentary studio. This was more of an excuse to get paid to travel more of the world. 

It also taught him that he wanted to work for himself in pursuing his passion to travel and to write.

About Everest

Dog standing on log in front of mountains in Alaska

Everest is an Australian Cattle Dog. Her mother is a “Blue Heeler.” And her father is a “Red Heeler.” This combination gives her the perfect balance of color in her coat that draws the most attention.

Everest was born in Missouri in January 2016. At eight weeks old, she arrived in warmer climates in central Florida where Chris drove to meet her breeder.

Hardly the size of his hand, Everest the pup spent the two hour drive to her new home perched on Chris’ shoulder. When introduced to Lindsay, the sweet pup started climbing her leg, the stairs and pretty much anything else she could find to climb.

Everest earned her name by climbing everything but the mountain itself.

Everest loves chasing squirrels and wild turkeys, rolling on the floor and catching an all-too-frequent nap wherever she can. Though a cattle dog by nature, she prefers to nip the heels of horses and goats and is deathly afraid of cattle.

Everest loves riding shotgun in golf carts, vans, trucks and pretty much anything that moves.

About Huckleberry

Huckleberry is our second-born Australian Cattle Dog. But strange as it may seem, he and Everest are not related. Huckleberry was born on May 25, 2020 in the small Florida town of Okeechobee.

At eight weeks old he was transported north where we picked him up and adopted him into our family. Everest was not too keen at the time to share the attention she was so used to receiving. But Huckleberry, “Huck,” grew on her just as fast as he grew on us.

Huck had two months to get acclimated to the family before we set off on Season 3 of our adventure and we headed north from Florida to pursue the autumn colors along the East Coast of the US. While it was a peculiar time for all of us in the age of COVID, Huck was a quick learner of life on the road and showed that he, too, was called to wander.

Huckleberry enjoys chasing squirrels, lizards, birds, cats and pretty much anything that moves. Small and agile for a heeler, he can run incredibly fast and he gets a kick out of sprinting back and forth down trails as nothing seems to wear him out.

He also enjoys swimming in the pool, though he must wear a life vest because he does not have the body fat to keep him afloat very long. But Huckleberry is a great jumper and can clear nearly ten feet in diving from the edge of the pool.


Lindsay and Chris were destined for each other, though it would take Chris over thirty years of wandering the world to find Lindsay. By the time they met he had traveled across the United States several times, throughout most of Europe, South America, Japan and Bali.

He had a wanderlust that was fed by spontaneous trips to the Caribbean island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras, and the traveling he was doing in assisting in the production of documentary films.

But his visit to Cuba, a country he dreamed of visiting since he was a child, was the most important of any journey.

Lindsay had been only slightly less active in her travels. She too had ventured across the United States and had visited a handful of countries on various cruises that she had taken with her father.

With a wanderlust comparable to that of Chris, Lindsay sprung on the opportunity to attend a mission trip to Cuba as her love of the Latin culture, particularly its dancing, drew her curiosity to the closed country.


Lindsay and Chris attended the same church and sat within a handful of rows of seats away from each other for nearly three years before they actually met in the spring of 2013 on that fateful trip to Cuba.

They both have pretty wild backstories for how they ended up on that trip. But as a result of similar interests to meet and photograph the Cuban people and places they visited they became fast friends.

Chris, always the romantic, says that their official first date was on the last night of the trip when they had the occasion to share conversation over an authentic mojito on a rooftop bar overlooking the Santiago city streets below.

Lindsay claims the first date didn’t happen until they returned to the US and Chris invited her to go to Wal Mart to buy some stinky bait shrimp to fish at midnight in the murky flow of the St. Johns River. You be the judge to which is a more romantic beginning of their relationship!


By September Chris knew that he would marry Lindsay. But he made the mistake to try to propose to her in the middle of a fishing trip. He had asked her best friends and family, along with his, to observe the moment from a beachside condo.

However Lindsay would hardly leave the water to accept the proposal because she was catching fish left and right and Chris had to trick her into changing out her fishing tackle so that he could drop to his knee and propose.

They married on New Years Eve on Utila, the island of their dreams. Chris had spent the previous two Christmas seasons on the island. Lindsay could think of no better place to exchange vows.

Neither wanted a traditional wedding. So they wed at sunset in the presence of only two friends. 

It had poured down rain all day. And it only let up for the twenty-minute ceremony. But that was enough to bless their marriage in the beauty of the island. 


The next morning they sat at a table drinking coffee and sharing their dreams of the future.

They made a list of things they wanted to do in the new year. But more importantly, a bucket list for their new life together.

Two things stood out the most that day still define them today:

1) Create a life together full of adventure and stories that inspire others to live an abundant life

2) Commit to a marriage that sets an example to others of how to live and to love

They are now in their seventh year of marriage. And they have taken to the open road eager for new adventure in every day. They are certain of the plans they have made but know that plans are deliberately indefinite. It is more to travel than to arrive.

Life has become their adventure and they find joy and purpose in sharing the adventure with others along the way.