About Our Journey

We are currently just over one year into our attempt to drive our truck camper from Alaska to Argentina. It hasn’t been simple.

In fact, at times we have felt as though we should just give up, sell our truck and camper and move back to Florida. 

But we feel as though God has called us to the journey, not necessarily the destination. When we hit the road in March 2018 we were naive about life on the road.

In fact, there was a steep (and costly) learning curve – sometimes literally. 

We didn’t know how to live in such small quarters.

We weren’t mechanically inclined enough to fix our truck or camper should they break down.

And we didn’t have nearly enough money to support us throughout the duration of the multi-year journey. 

But we did feel called – both to serve the people we knew that we would meet on the road and to grow in our faith and understanding of who God is and who He created us to be. 

Origins Of A Dream

In 2016 we had the vision to drive from Alaska to Argentina. It is really something we can’t quite explain. We just felt a calling in our hearts to go.

And we trusted that we would figure out more about our calling once we got on the road.

At the time we were in ministry fostering 8 children in a group home. We also owned a 40-year old fixer-upper sailboat. And we knew very little, if anything, about what the journey would entail.

But we were inspired by the idea that we might hit the road to complete the drive one day. We felt it was part of our destiny.

Pursuing A Dream

We left Florida in March 2018 full of optimism for our journey.

At the time we had created a 50-state route, which we called the Grateful American Road Trip.

Our goal was to connect with and serve at least one family in each state. 

We had confidence that completion of this portion of our journey would propel us forward into Mexico on the route south toward Argentina. 

It was ambitious, and naive. And we realized within two weeks that we were going to have a difficult time fulfilling this mission. 

Between awful weather forcing us south, broken items in the camper and a difficulty to connect with people in each state we became disillusioned at the Grateful American Road Trip. 

We ended up in Las Vegas in April and met an awesome couple who immediately became a part of our story and helped us see that our mission to serve others could not be forced. 

Serving others had to be more spontaneous. 

Additionally we realized that God had not instructed us to visit all 50 states. He had sent us on a journey to Alaska.

We realized then that it was time to head north. 

Driving Toward The Dream

When we left Las Vegas we knew we were headed toward Alaska. But for a couple of Floridians it was still too early to head too far north. 

We meandered through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington before making our crossing into Canada. 

After a few weeks of exploring Revelstoke, Banff and Jasper National Parks we made our final turn north toward Alaska. 

We left Dawson Creek, British Columbia on a cold, rainy day at the end of June. Following the Alaska Highway (Alcan Highway) for over a thousand miles, we crossed into Alaska on Lindsay’s 32nd birthday. 

Two days later and we were headed still further north along the infamous Dalton Highway. 

On July 5, 2018 we reached the top of the world.

Standing in the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska we looked on toward the North Pole. 

Then we turned and faced south. 

Argentina was just over 14,000 miles away, as the crow flies. But we wouldn’t drive as fast or as straight as the crow. 

We learned in Alaska that life is about the journey, not the destination. 

This would be an important lesson because our journey to Argentina was not going to take place the way we thought it would. 

Realizing The Dream

In leaving Alaska we were ready for anything. Alaska opened up our eyes to the possibilities in life. 

We always wanted to pursue the Abundant Life. Now we were in the midst of it. 

As we drove south out of Alaska we met the experience with bittersweet acceptance.

We had reached Alaska, where we thought our dream of driving to Argentina would begin. 

But in leaving Alaska we realized that we were already living the dream. 

Nothing had changed in our circumstances.

  • Lindsay still had Crohn’s Disease.
  • Our truck still had incredibly high mileage and was still prone to breakdowns.
  • We still had not figured out how to earn money on the road. 
  • We didn’t have enough of anything inside of us to make the journey to Argentina.

But we had the passion and the confidence that our dream was divinely inspired. 

We came to see our life as the journey we were always afraid to make.

Now we were fully alive, reconditioned to accept that wherever we were is where we were supposed to be. 

Living The Dream

So we set onward toward Argentina, albeit through an even more convoluted path. 

We stopped in our favorite small town in America, Thermopolis, Wyoming, for a month in the fall.

Then we decided we needed to return to Florida. 

  • Our truck needed substantial work. 
  • The fall holidays were approaching and our families would be gathering. 
  • And we wanted to try and defeat Lindsay’s Crohn’s Disease without the use of intravenous medication every 8 weeks. 

Five months later and we were back on the road!

But not before we accepted that our time in Florida, as settled as it seemed, was just part of the journey. 

Every day we lived more fully in the moment and in the preparation for the next leg of our journey. 


We returned to Thermopolis, Wyoming in April 2019.

In looking on a map, one could hardly understand why we would head north again when Argentina was the opposite direction.

This is why we call this part of our journey “Why?Oming.” 

We returned to Wyoming to help friends build their dream.

We also made a priority to prepare for Mexico – working and saving, practicing Spanish and building a community to support us on our journey. 

We still aren’t sure exactly how this part of our journey plays out. But we do know that, while God initially called us to travel to Alaska, He has also called us back to our favorite small town in America. 

We’re excited about what the future has in store for us as we plan to cross into Mexico by October 2019. 

However we no longer live in the plans for our future. 

We’re living day-to-day, moment-by-moment as we learn to trust God in the season of preparation. 

Argentina is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

And we are right where we are supposed to be… 

Please Help Keep Us On The Road!

We are currently broken down in Wyoming. We’re OK with that.

We love where we are. But our truck unexpectedly broke in Utah and we found ourselves stranded. 

Through several weeks and several thousand dollars we managed to ship our truck to Florida, where Rocket will receive some substantial overhaul. 

We shipped our camper to Wyoming, where we are working diligently to raise the funds to pay for the repairs and send us on our way toward Argentina in fall 2019. 

We don’t believe that money solves the world’s problems. We believe that people solve the world’s problems. 

However, we do recognize that money acts as a bridge to connect people and a tool by which we can help each other. 

If you believe in our mission to help others as we pursue our dreams, we would appreciate your support. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve others as we pursue our calling and your support means the world to us.