“Fishing All Fifty” Corporate Sponsorship

Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with us as a brand sponsor for our “Fishing All Fifty” campaign.

While this is a deeply personal journey for Lindsay to process the grief of unexpectedly losing her father, it is also a chance for your brand to reach new audiences and markets as this story has the potential to reach and connect with millions of viewers worldwide.

About the Video Series

We will be releasing between 25-30 videos exclusively on YouTube in our first season as we document Lindsay’s journey to catch and release a fish, along with a portion of her father’s ashes, in each state that we visit. The first season will focus on the Southeastern, East Coast and a portion of the Midwestern regions of the United States where each state will be featured in its exclusive episode.

We will be filming the series in a “vlog-style” format that will use a combination of voiceover, b-roll and a “day in the life” videography. Each episode will be released on Thursday evenings (Eastern Time Zone) beginning with the season premiere on June 13th, the anniversary of Lindsay’s father’s passing.

Episodes will be a mixture of revealing the story and activity that takes place as Lindsay attempts to catch a fish in each particular state as well as engagement with local people, friends, family and perhaps even members of your brand who play a role in helping Lindsay find success.

We will also create short videos to promote each weekly episode that we will release as YouTube shorts as well as our other social media platforms.

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What We Are Offering

We are very selective of the brands with whom we work and want you to appreciate that we have reached out to you because we believe that your brand can play an integral role in our successful completion of this campaign.

As such, we are offering the following ways to promote your brand within the context of our 25-30 episode season.

  • Brand appearance. We won’t be drinking, smoking, using profanity or anything negative in any episode. On the contrary, our videos will be clean, family-friendly content that will connect your brand as a socially responsible brand supporting people who are trying to do big things to change the world for the better. Of course, this is through the context of fishing and RVing and your brand should receive a direct correlation of new traffic and new customers due to the additional exposure we bring. 
  • Product placement. We are very protective of the creative format for each episode in that we are only working with brands that are a direct fit with our lifestyle and the story we are telling. As such, we are going to offer in-video mentions of brands as they are relevant and not forced upon our audience. This natural brand placement will not have viewers pressing the “skip” button because the brand will be as much a part of the episode as other scenes. For example, we would speak about how your brand makes something possible/better in a particular place so that Lindsay can catch a particular fish.
  • Credits and descriptions. We will be creating an end screen that thanks our brand partners and will use this end screen for every episode we release. In addition, we will have a special thank you to our sponsors in every video description. In the event your brand is featured prominently in the video, we will also add more information in the description about your brand.
  • Website product review. We provide information on our website that helps others learn how to do what we do. As such, we’ll produce a product/service review for your brand that will be a stand-alone, exclusive and SEO-optimized post dedicated to attracting new readers to promote your sponsorship.
  • Inclusion in Website State-Specific Posts. We will be publishing a written post of each episode where we go more in-depth into the details of what it took for Lindsay to achieve her catch in that state. Your brand may be featured multiple times in various posts as we believe you are essential to helping us achieve our multi-state journey.
  • Other opportunities. As professional content creators, we are open to working with your company to capture footage and photographs that you may want to use for internal marketing and advertisement campaigns. While no other content will be placed on our YouTube Channel between June 13th and December 31st that is not directly related to an episode or the promotion thereof, we will be open to marketing your brand on our other social media outlets as well.

We hope that you are as excited about the opportunity to work with us as we are about working with you!

For more information, please email us to establish goals, targets and rates for your sponsorship.

Thank you once again and we look forward to working with you on this incredible journey for which we are about to embark!