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Is It Safe to RV in Baja, Mexico? (And other questions you’re likely asking)

If you are considering an RV trip through the Baja peninsula then at some point recently you’ve likely asked yourself is it […]

Visit La Paz: A Guide to Camping in La Paz, Mexico

Find out all you need to know about camping in La Paz, Mexico.

Visit Loreto: A Guide to Camping in Loreto

Camping in Loreto gives you direct access to some of the most beautiful water and islands in the Sea of Cortez. Use this to plan your trip to Loreto!

Visit Todos Santos: A Guide to Camping in Todos Santos

Camping in Todos Santos is one of the best ways to experience the artsy town. Use this to help you plan your camping trip to Todos Santos.

Visit Los Barriles: A Guide to Camping in Los Barriles

Camping in Los Barriles is a great way to enjoy the East Cape of Baja. This guide will help you plan everything for your camping trip to Los Barriles.


Our mission has always been to drive from Alaska to Argentina. But two years later we find that this route in anything but straight.

Camping Bahia Concepcion: A Guide To Camping On The Bay Of Concepcion

Camping Bahia Concepcion should be at the top of your list of places to camp in Baja! Find all the information you need to plan your trip in this guide.

A Million Fish

There were no less than one million fish beneath my board as I paddled to the island today. It was the kind of morning on the Bay of Concepcion that you wish you had every day...

Volunteer in La Paz, Mexico at New Creations Kids Orphanage

If you are looking for ways to volunteer in La Paz, Mexico and would like to have a huge impact on the […]

Is A Harvest Hosts Membership Worth It? (6 reasons the answer is Yes!)

Is a Harvest Hosts membership worth it? Absolutely. In fact, we believe that a Harvest Hosts membership provides the most value of […]

A Banana Broke Our Camera

Bananas don't belong on boats. There are lore and legend that attempt to explain why. But any old sailor conscious of the give and take of the sea will tell you that bananas simply do not belong on a boat.

Volunteer in La Paz, Mexico at Kids Up Therapeutic Riding Center

If you are an animal or horse lover and would like to volunteer in ways that use animals to help children with […]

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