Top RV Essentials

You need these. And you don’t want to be on the road and find out why! Regardless of the type of RV you own, these items are sure to meet your needs for living on the road!

Truck camper life is small. And we only recommend the items we rely on on a daily basis. Check out these items and why we love them so much!


Poop Pipe

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Everybody poops. If you have a grey and/or black water tank you’re going to need this to help you dump your tanks. It’s always better to have too much rather than too little when it comes to pipe length. We carry the maximum length we can stow!

Drinking Hose

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Fresh water is a commodity on the road. When you fill up you want to make sure you have a hose isolated for fresh water. Sure, you can use it to wash the dog. But you don’t want to mix it up with a hose used for cleaning your black water tanks or poop pipe!

Water Filter

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Sure you don’t have to filter your water. But we do! It’s only a few bucks and a few extra minutes to hook up each time we fill up our holding tanks. While we don’t drink water from our fresh water tanks, we do still filter the water because, well, why not?

Water Pressure Adapter

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You would be surprised at the varying water pressure in hookups across the North American continent! We have no interest in sending water through our system at such high pressures that we cause damage to our camper. So we hook this adapter up and it takes any worry away about how high the water pressure will be when filling our water tanks!

Power Adapters

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You need to have a variety of power adapters in order to step up or down to various hookups. In our case, we also have to adapt the power from our generators to our internal RV power station. Having these handy will ensure that you are able to power up anywhere you travel.

Power Extension Cord

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Sometimes you will only have access to a standard 120V power outlet. And while that may or may not be enough to power up your RV, it is enough to allow you the ability to power up other items in your camper. Having an extension cord makes this easier. We have also run several extension cords inside our camper to connect our inverter to power strips in several key areas inside the RV.

Toilet Treatment

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Don’t kid yourself… there’s nothing nice about traveling with a holding tank full of poop! Whether you’ve just emptied the tank or are pushing your limits before you need to dump it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well this stuff not only masks the odor but also helps break down the waste in the tank. The longer you live in small quarters the more grateful you’ll be for freshening things up!

Leveling Blocks

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Leveling blocks not only keep you from sleeping nearly upright on steep inclines! They also keep key appliances (like your LP refrigerator) running longer and more efficiently. One of our top priorities every time we park to camp is to ensure that we are as level as we can reasonably be. We’ve heard horror stories about people who have fried their fridges because they did not camp level! We’d rather spend our money on the adventure, not on a replacement appliance!

NOTE: We bought all of our gear almost exclusively through our Amazon Prime membership. As such we are Amazon affiliates and do receive a small kickback if you purchase any of the products we recommend through our links. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny and, indirectly, you help keep us out on the road!

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