Our Service Opportunities In Baja

Many people travel to Baja to enjoy the many beaches, delicious tacos and escape reality to some degree.

We’re doing the opposite.

While we do plan to spend some time enjoying the many beautiful places and activities that Baja has to offer, our purpose in Mexico is to serve the needs of others.

We are building relationships with a variety of individuals and organizations with whom we plan to partner during our 6-months in Baja.

Most of the organizations – such as orphanages and schools – have a direct impact on peoples’ lives.

However, we are also going to serve communities and the environment as a whole.

To this end, we plan to also work with organizations that help educate locals about the environment and sustainability, animal welfare and general community-building.

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Where We Are Serving

We plan to visit 10 different communities as we travel the length of the Baja peninsula.

And while we have charted our course and have made plans to serve a variety of organizations, the reality is there are still a LOT of unknowns.

We are, by definition, wandering. So we are leaving room for service to others that is above and beyond anything that we can plan.

But what we do know is this: These 10 towns are on our hearts.

As as we continue to develop relationships with people in these communities, we know that we will have a full plate in front of us.

Map of Baja Mexico

Valle De Guadelupe

Valle de Guadalupe is known as the wine region of Baja. And while this is a hot spot for many American tourists seeking to indulge in life, there is also a great wildlife preserve and zoo in the region.

As this will be among our first days in Baja we are warming up to service in Mexico.

  • We plan to partner with the zoo to tend to native species and help educate visitors on the importance of protecting the local environment.

San Felipe

San Felipe is a haven for “snowbirds” from both the US and Canada. With some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf of California, there is a reason people flock here.

However, with an influx of retirees comes a variety of opportunities to become involved in the community. Many of these ex-pats have committed to building their community through programs and initiatives that always need more help.

  • We plan to serve special needs children at a ranch that provides equine therapy (horseback riding) for these children.
  • Additionally, there is an orphanage with which we plan to work in assisting wherever they have need.

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Bahai De Los Angeles

Bahai de los Angeles is another favorite among American travelers. Located on the Gulf of California as an offshoot of the main highway, the community is an epicenter of ecologically friendly outdoor activity.

However, there are a lot of opportunities to serve in the community.

  • We plan to help physically rebuild a church that has been at the center of the community for years.
  • Additionally, we plan to volunteer with an organization in which we will help provide homework assistance and other after-school activities for children.

Guerrero Negro

Guerrero Negro is best known as being a launching point to visit with various migrating whales.

Different cultures across the world believe that interacting with these large species is a spiritual encounter.

We definitely look forward to the opportunity to see whales in nature, up close and personal for the first time in our lives.

However, there are also many things that we can do for the people of Guerrero Negro.

  • We plan to work at a school for special needs students, providing assistance wherever necessary.
  • Additionally, we plan to join a vibrant community of American ex-pats as they initiate a variety of volunteer opportunities in the area.


Mulege always ends up one of the coolest places for every traveler who passes through. A small community of the Gulf of California, poverty is more common than affluence.

In Mulege there is a wide array of opportunities for us:

  • We plan to assist with a well-established medical mission in the community, offering assistance to those who serve the sick.
  • Additionally, we will help an animal shelter spay and neuter stray animals and help educate locals on the importance of keeping their animals in good health. (Stray dogs and cats are considered a “normal” part of life here, though they are an unnecessary nuisance and strain on the community.)
Chris in Cuba with Kids


Loreto is another hot spot for American ex-pats along the Gulf of California. As such there are a variety of opportunities to serve the community while we are there.

  • We plan to work with an organization that helps to meet the physical needs of families in poverty. From providing food and clothing to assisting in building homes, we can be a part of helping people have the opportunity to a decent life.
  • Additionally, we plan to volunteer at a food bank where we can help provide meals to those who cannot afford them.
  • There is also the chance for us again to help spay and neuter animals and bring awareness to the need to regulate the health and behavior of pets.

La Paz

La Paz is a huge city compared to the previous towns and villages. As such, there is a tremendous opportunity to serve.

Various formal international organizations exist to arrange volunteer opportunities on a weekly basis. Additionally, there are many passionate ex-pats and locals who have great missions for their lives.

  • We plan to volunteer with an orphanage that offers equine therapy to children in its care. We will have a variety of opportunities to assist in numerous ways with the children’s’ education and daily life.
  • Additionally, we will work with an organization that helps low-income families meet their daily needs. From food to

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a quaint little town on the Pacific coast of Baja. Home to “Hotel California,” the town has more recently become a surf spot and is increasing in popularity among tourists.

There are lots of opportunities for us to serve the people of Todos Santos.

  • We will be working with a volunteering club that organizes a variety of activities primarily aimed at serving children. We will be able to volunteer in schools and as tutors and provide additional assistance to teachers and families.
  • There is also a turtle sanctuary in Todos Santos where we will be able to spend a week working with scientists and other volunteers to raise and release turtles into the ocean.

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. It is a wildlife preserve that has been fiercely protected both by the Mexican government as well as the local community. Fishing has been banned and locals focus on eco-tourism as a way to develop their economy.

  • The town only has around 100 full-time residents, but there is a learning center that focuses on helping children understand the world from a scientific point of view. We’ll be helping to develop and implement lesson plans to this end.

Los Barilles

Los Barilles is a community located between La Paz and Cabo Pulmo on the southernmost end of the Baja Peninsula. It has been growing in popularity among ex-pats recently, which means there are lots of great resources and programs popping up. We plan to spend a lot of time in Los Barilles.

  • We will be working with an organization that uses art to inspire and educate kids. They put on events on a regular basis and implement programs for kids throughout the school day.
  • There is also an animal rescue where we will volunteer to help in the spaying, neutering and general medical treatment of neglected animals in the community.
  • And we will work with a program that serves underprivileged families living in poverty. From distributing food and clothing to preparing meals and simply loving on the people in Los Barilles, our time will be full.
Chris with kids in Cuba

How Can You Be A Part Of Our Call To Wander In Baja?

We would love to partner with you on our journey through Baja. In addition to raising funds for these, and other, organizations we could use your assistance in supporting our daily needs.

We have budgeted the last of our savings, combined with work opportunities, to last through our first 6 months in Baja.

We plan to work remotely at least 20 hrs each per week to earn some income as we travel.

But the more we work, the less we are able to invest in the lives of others.

Our goal would be to be fully supported in our travels such that we can invest more full-time attention to the people we meet.

If you are interested in supporting us, we would appreciate you taking the time to check out our MISSIONS PAGE and sharing our story and these resources with your network.