Season 2: Baja, Mexico

We are attempting to drive from Alaska to Argentina. However, we’ve found that our path is not as straight as we thought it would be!

Join us for season 2, which we are calling “Mañana, Mañana”, as we cross the US/Mexico border into Tecate and start our journey south through Baja.

S2: E1 – Crossing the Mexican Border at Tecate into Baja

We’ve been dreaming about crossing the Mexican border into Baja for years. This is the day we actually make the crossing! While we planned and prepared (probably over-prepared!) for crossing into Mexico we were caught off guard several times as we entered Baja. Join us in this episode as we cross our second international border on our way from Alaska to Argentina!

S2: E2 – Exploring Baja Norte From Alisitos to Valle de Guadalupe

There are lots of great things to do in Baja Norte. We were excited for our friends to join us at Alisitos K58 campground on the Pacific coast. Join us as we catch up with our friends, surf and then head inland to explore the wine country of Valle de Guadalupe.

S2: E3 – Saying Farewell to Friends and the Pacific Ocean in Baja Norte

It’s always fun to travel with friends – especially when you are in a place you’ve never been to before. As we explored Alisitos and Valle de Guadalupe with our friends Pedro and Zi, we knew that all good things must come to an end. Join us in enjoying our last delicious meal together in Valle de Guadalupe before making our way back to the Pacific Ocean to watch the sun set over the ocean before making our way east.

S2: E4 – Learning how to Run Basic Errands in Baja Mexico

Full-time truck camper living in Baja isn’t always about beautiful beaches and sunsets. There are a lot of practical matters to attend to as well. And while we’re still getting a hang of how to do things in Baja, we thought we’d share a little insight into how simple things in the US are not so simple in Mexico!

S2: E5 – Helping Children through Therapeutic Riding in San Felipe

Tucked away 7 miles from the Sea of Cortez in the desert just outside of San Felipe, Baja Norte is the Centro Equestre Cabballerizas Paraiso, a therapeutic riding horse ranch where we were fortunate enough to be able to stay and volunteer. Therapeutic riding is a way for physically and mentally disabled children to be able to exercise both mind and body as they ride a horse. It is critical to helping persons with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, and Down Syndrome to develop core strength and brain-muscle coordination. While we were rewarded with an opportunity to camp in a beautiful desert ranch and to enjoy a few rides of our own, the true reward for us was spending time with beautiful children and a whole lot of loving community members who are building tremendous value into the lives of these children!

S2: E6 – We Were Almost Scammed in Baja!

It’s not difficult to find yourself in a situation where you might be taken advantage of in Baja. And although we are as careful as we can be, and we try to always give people the benefit of the doubt, we still run across instances where people try to take advantage of us. On a day of running around the town of San Felipe we ended up coming across the good, the bad and the ugly of RVing through Baja.And no – not all scams in Mexico are run by Mexicans… some are, well, we won’t say any names — but US cell phone carriers can be incredibly dubious in their marketing and can leave you high and dry when you need them the most!

S2: E7 – Things Were Going Great Until….

We’ve seen pictures and videos of Gonzaga Bay and set our hearts and minds to explore it when the timing was right. Well after a week in San Felipe it was time to move south. We wanted to make a quick stop at Puertocito where we read about hot springs that form when the tide is out along the Sea of Cortez. And from there we intended to join up with Instagram friends for a little caravan to Gonzaga Bay. Of course plans are always subject to change! And the road is always subject to, well, disrepair!

S2: E8 – Driving the Rocky Roads of Baja to Bahia de los Angeles

Thus far in our travels in Baja, the road conditions have been pretty decent. But we suspected things were going to take a turn for the worse as we’ve heard about the notorious final few miles of Highway 5. But we’ve also heard that Bahia de Los Angeles, AKA the “Bay of LA,” is pretty spectacular and worth a few bumps. Let’s go find out!

S2: E9 – Taking our iROCKER SUP out in Bahia de Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles is a 40-mile detour for most people. For us, it was a destination. We were searching for flat, clear water and a bay that was home to a variety of marine life – including whale sharks. We wanted to play on our awesome iROCKER SUP and the Bay of LA provided the perfect place for us to enjoy paddles at almost every point in the day! If you are interested in purchasing a SUP for your adventures, wherever they may be, we highly recommend iROCKER. Durable, yet lightweight and compact enough for us to carry in our truck camper everywhere we go as we explore Baja – we couldn’t ask for a better SUP.

S2: E10 – We Broke the Number One Rule in Baja

Leaving Bahia de Los Angeles was difficult – even on a rainy day. We enjoyed our time on the water, getting to know our new friends and simply sitting in the sunshine thinking about how blessed we are to have the opportunity to travel to places like this. But in leaving the Bay of LA we were headed back into the desert of Baja, headed south toward a destination unknown, but in a new state: Baja California Sur. On our journey further south we end up breaking the number one rule in Baja. Don’t be like us. Don’t drive at night in Baja!

S2: E11 – The Best Parts of the Oasis of San Ignacio

San Ignacio is an oasis in the middle of the Baja peninsula in the southern state. Having heard great things about the village, we decided to stop for the night and camp. But we couldn’t see the contrast between the desert and the oasis in the dark. When we woke in the morning we were absolutely blown away by the beauty of San Ignacio. It’s colonial streets and buildings, food and people were amazing and made us want to return in spring. But Mulege, a small town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, was calling. And while we enjoyed our respite in San Ignacio, all good things must come to an end… or at least a pause…

S2: E12 – Falling In Love with Mulege & Baja California Sur

We had friends tell us that we would love Mulege. Now we’re telling you – you’re going to love Mulege! After traveling rather quickly to this point we needed a place to hole up for a little while to work, regroup and plan the next steps forward. Mulege offered all of this – and more! Join us in this episode as we wander through Mulege and make plans for our return to the village in spring!

S2: E13 – Doing Chores In a Truck Camper // How We Do Laundry & Clean Our Tiny House

Full-time life on the road isn’t always waking up to gorgeous beaches and falling asleep to a sky full of stars. OK, sometimes it is. But then there’s the practical. You have to keep your tiny living space clean. And while it is tiny – it is quite easy for it to get out of hand in a hurry. And then there are things like dirty laundry. Chores at home may seem tedious, if not entirely routine. But doing chores in your truck camper, van or RV are a necessary part of life. So we try to have fun doing the things that aren’t so fun!

S2: E14 – A Day in Paradise at The Bay of Concepcion

The Bay of Concepcion is lined with beautiful beaches that make the covers of many marketing materials about Baja. We were excited to have the opportunity to pick out a favorite beach to spend a few days playing. Join us as we explore Coyote Beach and all that is has to offer – kayaking, SUP, fishing, snorkeling and simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty!

S2: E15 – So We’ve Had a Change of Plans… Epic Off road Adventure in Baja

As we are called to Wander we find ourselves open to all sorts of opportunities to go to places we would not normally have planned to visit. While camping at Coyote Beach on the Bay of Concepcion we had one such opportunity present itself. That’s all we can say now – enjoy the video!

S2: E16 – Surprise Excursion in the Laguna de San Ignacio

The Laguna de San Ignacio on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur is one of the best places to visit Grey Whales. But it was also the staging area for our great offroad adventure and a great place to explore in and of itself. While we were preparing for our journey along the Pacific Coast we came across a unique opportunity to show Love to some local kids. The impact on us was tremendous and we encourage you to find ways to do the same when you travel!

S2: E17 – Pacific Coast Baja Off-Road Adventure: Giving Caravan

On a mission to show love to children in small fishing villages along the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, it was time to put our truck in 4×4 and head off through the desert, rocky roads and coastal shoreline to reach the most unreached people. This would be our longest day of driving, nearly all in 4×4, through the worst conditions we have ever driven. Although we have completed all 830 miles up and down the Dalton Highway in Alaska, these roads put our truck “Rocket” to the test! But the children were so worth the adventure! Join us as we drive south from the Laguna de San Ignacio to the small surfing community of San Juanico on the “north road” as locals call it. Hopefully you’ll be inspired, as we were, to test your limits in the face of bringing joy to people otherwise forgotten!

S2: E18 – Exploring Less Visited Parts of Baja And Helping Others

We love serving others as we travel. So meeting Steve was a fortuitous blessing on our mission to connect other travelers with simple ways to serve local communities in Baja. Join us as we travel with Steve through some of the less-traveled places in Baja. From La Purisima to the Comondus and all the way south to the city of La Paz!No doubt you’ll see just how easy it is to serve others as you travel to incredibly beautiful places and meet amazing people along the way.

S2: E19 – What is Christmas Like in Baja? Amazing!

When you full-time RV you get used to things being different. Christmas is one of those things. We knew that leaving the US meant that we would have to come up with our own ways of celebrating Christmas. And as it happened, we were fortunate to have one of the best Christmas experiences we could ever have imagined!

S2: E20 – We had a LIFE CHANGING Experience in Baja

We were fortunate to stumble into an amazing opportunity on Christmas Day. As a result of the days that followed, our lives would never be the same. We truly had a life changing experience!Join us as we share our experience of spending time with beautiful orphans who taught us about life, language and the joy of simply going for a walk.