Season 1.5: Somewhere Between Canada And Mexico

We are attempting to drive from Alaska to Argentina. However, we’ve found that our path is not as straight as we thought it would be!

Join us in what we are calling Season 1.5, where we travel between Canada and Mexico and prepare for our year in Mexico.

Whether you dream of driving the Pan American highway or just want to explore some beautiful parts of the American West, these episodes will bring you into our daily lives of exploration and living full time in our truck camper.

S1.5: E1 – It’s Leaving Day

We are back on the road again! This time we’re headed north – driving from Thermopolis, Wyoming into the Bighorn Canyon in Montana. Join us as we prepare to leave and then make several important stops along the first day of driving. By important, we mean chocolate truffles in Meeteetse!

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S1.5: E2 – Getting Back to Routines With Life on the Road

Everyone has their own routines when it comes to full-time RV life. And while we lived out of our truck camper during the 4 months we did not have our truck, we had to readjust to life back on the road. In this episode we’ll take you into our daily morning routine, as well as to address one of the most important maintenance routines you can have. Living full-time in your RV means you have to take the time to maintain your RV. After all, it is your home and likely all you own. So the investment of time and a little money from time to time is definitely worth it!

S1.5: E2 – How to Find Amazing Places to Camp for Cheap!

Waking up on with alpacas surrounding you is just one of many experiences you can have when you are a member of Harvest Hosts. When we started the day we didn’t plan to camp at an alpaca farm. But once we found out it was an option, who wouldn’t! In this episode we’ll share this unique experience with you and give you a few tips and ideas on how to find the best free and cheap RV camping spots… We’ll also show you a little more about our journey north to the Canadian border as we travel from Manhattan, Montana to Polson, Montana.

S1.5: E2 – We’re Broke Down Again! This Time in Glacier NP

Glacier National Park is one of the gems of the US National Park system. Located at the Canadian border, this makes a great first or last stop in the US as your journey along the Pan American Highway. In this episode, we’ll take you as far into the park as we were permitted and give you some great ideas about what to see and do when visiting Glacier National Park. We’ll also take you to the border area between the US and Canada and give you an idea about the 3 choices you have for crossing between the two countries. And then we’ll meet catastrophe… stay tuned!

S1.5: E2 – The Overwhelming Kindness of Strangers on the Road

The kindness of strangers cannot be underestimated. It’s easy to become calloused and disillusioned about society, especially throughout the US. But in this episode we’ll share two stories of how strangers went far out of their way to help us in the midst of our breakdown. We are incredibly thankful to all of those who have, at any time, helped us in any way on our journey. And we hope that these stories inspire you to share kindness and love with strangers wherever you may be.

S1.5: E2 – Racing a Winter Storm into Yellowstone NP

Our return to Yellowstone National Park was marked with, well, surprise. While racing from an early winter storm in Montana we made a quick trip to our favorite Harvest Hosts campground en route to what we hoped would be a warmer, less busy trip into Yellowstone. While we certainly picked the right route into Mammoth Hot Springs we didn’t bargain for something that we certainly should have planned!