Season 1.5: Somewhere Between Canada And Mexico

We are attempting to drive from Alaska to Argentina. However, we’ve found that our path is not as straight as we thought it would be!

Join us in what we are calling Season 1.5, where we travel between Canada and Mexico and prepare for our year in Mexico.

Whether you dream of driving the Pan American highway or just want to explore some beautiful parts of the American West, these episodes will bring you into our daily lives of exploration and living full time in our truck camper.

[Episode 1 Video]

S1.5: E1 – It’s Leaving Day

We are back on the road again! This time we’re headed north – driving from Thermopolis, Wyoming into the Bighorn Canyon in Montana. Join us as we prepare to leave and then make several important stops along the first day of driving. By important, we mean chocolate truffles in Meeteetse!

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Helping People

We like to say that we “Travel With Purpose.” That’s a fancy way of saying that we look for any and every opportunity to help people wherever we go! This has taken the form of a variety of experiences and we’re sharing these stories to inspire you to help others as you wander the world!

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Welcome to the beautiful world as seen through Lindsay’s camera lens!

Enjoy her photo essays below as we continue our journey to explore the world!


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RV Alaska

Alaska is truly the Last Frontier! If you own a truck camper or RV, let these resources help you plan your dream trip to Alaska!

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