RV Power And Water

Power and water are arguably the two most important resources on the road. We’ve customized our RV with specific features to ensure these take priority. We think it’s important that you do the same.


Renogy Solar Panels

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No RV should hit the road without solar panels! At this point in time they are so reasonably priced, efficient and easy to install that there is really no reason to go without. We’ve never gone a day worrying about power because we have 2 x 100W Renogy solar panels connected in our system. We LOVE Renogy and have had several times we’ve needed to call and talk to someone just to learn a new tip or trick about our panels. These are simple “plug and play” and can be installed within an hour. 1000% recommended!

Solar Charge Controller

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Solar charge controllers reduce the energy captured by the solar panels to levels that your batteries can handle. You have various options for these and, depending on whether you purchase a solar panel package or buy components piecemeal, you may end up with a good-better-best controller. We recommend this controller to go with the Renogy panels. Again, everything is easy to understand and mostly plug-and-play.

Xantrax 600W Inverter

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Like solar panel systems, inverter options are limitless. Well, actually, there are limits to which inverter you should select. We recommend this 600W inverter because it provides just enough juice to power pretty much anything we want to power, but it also is not so large that it requires a substantial battery bank. Do mind the safety suggestions and installation advice concerning the distance, gauge and connections of the wire between the battery bank and the inverter.

Honda 2000W Generators

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No RV overlander is complete without at least one Honda 2000W generator. We have two specifically designed to be hooked up in parallel through plug-and-play wiring that allows us up to 4000W of energy (enough to crank on the AC if needed!). We use at least one generator on a very regular basis and would not consider boondocking without it.

5-Gal Fuel Jerry Can

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Most generators run on gasoline. The Honda 2000W generators we recommend run for approximately 8 hours on its 1 gal fuel reservoir. For this reason we carry a 5-gal Jerry can for gasoline to keep our generators powered up as needed. Of course if your vehicle runs on gasoline then having an extra can or two serves double purpose.

5-Gal Water Jerry Cans

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We travel with 10-gal of fresh water accessible through jerry cans dedicated just to drinking water. We also have 2 additional water cans we keep outside out truck/camper that can be filled as needed if we were going to be off-grid for a substantial amount of time or did not want to worry about finding a place to refill our holding tanks. Water is essential. A few of these cans keep you alive.

Power Adapter 1

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Power Adapter 2

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Power Adapter 3

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Propane Regulator

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Our camper was outfitted with 2 x 20-pound propane tanks. Thus we have a double valve regulator that allows us to use both tanks simultaneous. We do recommend that you check your propane connections and, depending on the age and condition of your RV, either replace and/or carry a spare regulator. Propane is useful in too many ways when you travel and you don’t want to go without being able to safely access it in your tanks.

Propane Hoses

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When installing and/or carrying an extra propane regulator it makes good sense to replace the hoses as well. Over time they too fail and as safety is always first priority for us, we advise that you know the quality of the hoses that you use.

NOTE: We bought all of our gear almost exclusively through our Amazon Prime membership. As such we are Amazon affiliates and do receive a small kickback if you purchase any of the products we recommend through our links. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny and, indirectly, you help keep us out on the road!

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