RV Memberships and Affiliations

RV memberships and affiliations provide value that allows you to better enjoy traveling. You might be looking for a last minute campground. Or you seek a group of likeminded travelers with whom to share the joys of travel. For any number of reasons it is important to consider the RV memberships and affiliations.

We are members of ALL of the RV memberships and affiliations listed below. Each of these recommendations has paid for itself many times over in our first few months of travel. By subscribing to any or all of them you can rest assured you have a travel “blanket” to cover you in any number of situations. For $185 per year you can become a member of ALL of the RV memberships listed below and find yourself covered in almost any situation imaginable.

Passport America

Passport America is by far the most popular and largest network for discounted camping in the US. For $44 for a one-year membership (and often less through other affiliates) you gain access to a large network of campgrounds across North America. Each campground offers discounted rates, typically 50% of stated rate. A typical Passport America membership will pay for itself within 1 or 2 nights.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Host is our favorite RV membership. Through Harvest Host you gain access to hundreds of vineyards, distilleries and other farms that permit you to camp for free on their property. Of course it’s quite likely (though not mandatory) that you spend a little on the products each has to offer. We’ve stayed at vineyards, distilleries and even a lavender farm! Expect to dry camp at each location. But for $49 per year you can access a wide range of free sites where you can relax and feel at home.

Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club is a membership that costs $27 for one year. It offers discounted fees for campgrounds across North America. You can usually expect the stated 10% discount on a nightly basis. These discounts often overlap with other memberships, such as Passport America. However there are many Good Sam Club campgrounds outside of the Passport America network. In addition to campground discounts there are also discounts to affiliated organizations such as Camping World and Pilot Flying J gas stations.

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is more of an RV social network than anything else. And for the annual fee of $39.95 you also gain access to membership in their Xscapers, which is aimed at a younger and often more entrepreneurial membership. We’ve met friends who bounce from one Escapee location to another.  Attending any of the meet-ups put you in contact with fellow travelers who share similar passion for life on the road.

Overland Bound

One of our best friends has been a member of Overland Bound for years. He recommended we join before we left. But it was not until we had a flat tire on the Dalton Highway that another member convinced us to join. Overland Bound has a vast network of fellow travelers across the world who commit to helping each other. It also has many travel resources and affiliates geared toward those venturing beyond the comfort zones of many US-based RVers. Memberships start at $24.99 per year.

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