RV Essentials & Gear

RV Essentials & Gear are those items that we feel are most important to have on your journey. Whether you set out on a two-week vacation or commit to a lifetime of travel, each of these recommendations has served us well over our years of planning and living on the road.

Like our travels, each RV is different. Some of our recommendations might work better for you than others. We’re not shy in pointing out things we’d change or recommend you consider! But we hope these recommendations for RV Essentials and Gear provide you the same value they have provided us!

RV Essentials

All the things you need! And nothing that you don’t! Regardless of the type of RV you own, these items are sure to meet your needs for living on the road!

Daily RV Life

Everybody needs coffee, right? Or at least a hot meal from time to time? These resources will help you enjoy life on the road in your day-to-day living.

Power & Water

Power and water are the two most important resources on the road. With these items we’ve ensured these take priority and think it’s important that you do the same.


Technology enables us to use simple tools to make life more convenient. These resources apply to those items, particularly electronic, that will keep you connected and efficient on the road.


Things break. Having the right tools makes all the difference in being stuck in a deserted place and enjoying scenery on the road. These are our top “basic” tool recommendations to keep you moving when you want to move!


Safety is our top priority. Next is comfort. These resources give us peace of mind in knowing that if or when something bad happens we will be prepared.

Just Because

You will find you have no room in your RV for things that serve no purpose. But some things you keep around “just because” or “just in case” there comes a time you might want them.

For The Dog

Traveling with a furry friend or two? We are! And our life on the road with Everest wouldn’t be the same without these items!

NOTE: We bought all of our gear almost exclusively through our Amazon Prime membership. As such we are affiliates and do receive a small kickback if you purchase any of the products we recommend through our links. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny and, indirectly, you help keep us out on the road!