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Everybody needs coffee, right? Or at least a hot meal from time to time? These resources will help you enjoy life on the road in your day-to-day living.


Aeropress Coffee Maker

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It is a misconception that making the bed is the most important event in the morning. Coffee is the most important event in the morning! If you live out of your RV you need to have an unbreakable, easy-to-use way to make coffee. This is your winner right here! Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to enjoy the best part of every morning!

Water Kettle

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We use boiled water for coffee (and sometimes tea), hygiene and a handful of other uses. When we’re off-grid we need to be able to boil water using our LP stove. This water kettle is simple and efficient and does the trick every time we need it!

Electric Water Kettle

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When we’re plugged in to shore power this electric water kettle will bring water to a boil in a fraction of the time as cooking it on the stove! So we use this gadget anytime we have shore power. When it starts to boil we sense coffee is on its way!

Instapot Pressure Cooker

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This is our single most-favorite (“favorite-ist?!) kitchen gadget. It does require 120V shore power. So when we’re not camping with full hookups we have to crank on our generator to use the pressure cooker. But there is hardly a meal we can’t prepare in a short time with this thing! There are several sizes too. So you can go bigger or smaller depending on your household size and need.

Water Jiggler

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Yeah, it’s cute. And it does take a little getting used to. But the simple physics properties that drive the Jiggler make it easy to transfer fresh drinking water from one container to another. We use this daily to fill up our Nalgene drinking bottles. We also use it to transfer our 5-gal refill water containers into our storage containers inside the camper.

5-Gal Fresh Water Container

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Our camper is half as old as we are. Among other things, we just don’t trust our fresh water tanks to be clean enough to drink from. So we keep two of these containers (mostly) full. These 10 gallons keep us well stocked with drinking water so we can use the water in our holding tanks for washing hands, dishes or for showering.

Nalgene Bottle(s)

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We don’t go anywhere without these. Chris prefers the wide-mouth bottles. Lindsay prefers the narrow mouth ones. We fill 4 of these each and every morning and always have them with us – whether we’re driving, hiking or hanging out with friends! Latch a carabiner to it and you won’t even know it’s there as you wander.


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Sometimes you’re too lazy to turn on the lights, or you don’t want to wake your significant other. Other times the sun hasn’t come out in days and you’re down to the last of your battery charge. In any circumstance, having a headlamp available makes all the difference. We have a few that we station around the camper and inside our truck to be prepared for any need.

Portable Fans

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Sure fans are great when you spend time in warmer climates. But having these USB-charged portable fans are game changers for any circumstance where you’d like to cool down. Compact enough to hang around the camper, and carrying a charge long enough to make it worthwhile to take on a long, hot hike, these fans are worth every dollar.

Collapsible Washbin

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We wash dishes, carry dishes and do a handful of other tricks with our collapsable wash bin. Of course we don’t need to state how important it is to have something like this to save space in your RV. But this provides a balance between smaller size and the durability to do the work that’s needed.

Dish Rack

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Sure you don’t “need” a dish rack. But this little guy stays mostly out of the way. We tend to fill ours up with wet, clean dishes every evening. And each morning we empty it. You’ll appreciate the tidiness that a small dish rack brings to your camper kitchen space.

Clothes Bin

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To be honest, there is no wrong bin in which to store clothes. We just added this to the list to make sure you didn’t forget how important it is to have little bins for this or that. We leave a few days worth of clothes in ours so that it is a little more accessible than climbing through our closets. But you can store these anywhere you need in order to stash whatever it is you need to stash!

NOTE: We bought all of our gear almost exclusively through our Amazon Prime membership. As such we are Amazon affiliates and do receive a small kickback if you purchase any of the products we recommend through our links. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny and, indirectly, you help keep us out on the road!

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