Now that you’ve answered and prioritized your criteria for most important features in your RV, it’s time to start looking for an RV that fits your goals. And yes, we know it was difficult to prioritize some of the options! But don’t worry! There are usually a few different options for RVs for each of those questions that will give you the ability to get exactly what you want.

So let’s take a look at the 6 most popular types of RVs. Of course there are TONS of resources out there that can take you more in depth to each of these kinds. And you’ll find there can be far more than 6 types of RVs, especially if you look into very specific needs, such as pulling a horse trailer or ATVs. In fact, at one point in my life I almost built my own RV… Well I would have called it an RV even though it wouldn’t have looked like much!


Motorized RVs are those that are built onto the frame of a vehicle and thus they are both the vehicle and the living quarters. These include: 


1. Class A (Largest motorhome)

When you think about a traditional RV, this is probably what comes to mind. These RVs are between 20 to 40 feet in length are the most roomy of your options. All things considered, they are your most expensive options because with the space also comes the vast array of amenities they offer that are comparable to your standard home. You’re not going to pull this through a drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurant!

High cost, Large, Accessible through vehicle, Spacious, Full amenities.

2. Class B (Camper Van)

These RVs are built on the frame of a van or truck and thus are smaller and more maneuverable. Although they are smaller than Class A motorhomes, they typically offer similar amenities but on a reduced scale. Imagine you’re living out of a Sprinter or a package delivery vehicle that has a basic kitchen, bathroom and living space. A bonus of Class B RVs is that you can walk between the drivers seat and the living space. But definitely don’t do that while you’re driving!

Mid to High cost, mid-sized, accessible through vehicle, spacious, maneuverable 

3. Class C (Midsize RV)

A popular choice for many travelers, the Class C is a sort of hybrid between the roomier Class A and the more agile Class B. They are built upon a truck or van frame and most are recognizable for the “cabover” area that extends over the front of the vehicle. These RVs offer maneuverability and you can also go between the vehicle and the living space by simply walking between the two.

Mid to Lower cost, small to mid-size, accessible through vehicle, spacious, somewhat maneuverable

Towable RVs are those that are built as stand-alone living quarters that must, in some way, be attached to a vehicle. These include:

4. Travel Trailers (Rear Ball and Hitch Towing)

The standard travel trailers are built on a trailer frame in a wide range of sizes. They have their own wheels beneath the mid-section of the camper and are attached to a towing vehicle by a traditional ball and hitch at the rear of the vehicle. Travel trailers offer both the convenience of being able to be detached from the vehicle as well as offering similar space and amenities as Class A, B and C RVs. These RVs can be towed by any vehicle with a tow rating that permits the weight load of the RV. So yes, it’s possible to tow some travel trailers with a sedan!

Moderate Cost, small to mid size, detached from vehicle, spacious

5. 5th Wheel (5th Wheel Hitch)

5th Wheel RVs are similar to standard travel trailers with the exception that they are attached to the towing vehicle by a “5th wheel” hitch. This hitch is almost exclusively found on larger trucks capable of towing heavier loads, thus 5th wheel trailers tend to be larger than traditional travel trailers and because of the placement of the hitch they are also slightly more maneuverable. Of course they have similar amenities to the other RVs and since they can be attached to be towed they can also be detached to allow the owner the flexibility of using the vehicle for normal activities.

Moderate cost, small to mid size, detached from vehicle, spacious

6. Truck Camper (Slide-In)

Slide-In campers are not often listed as common RVs, but in case you didn’t know (SPOILER ALERT!) we are biased toward them and must necessarily include them as one of the most popular types of RVs. Slide-In campers do just that. They “slide in” to the back of a pickup truck. Depending on the size of the camper (and truck), different models of slide-in RVs might have some part of them that hangs off the rear of the truck bed or they might sit flush with the rear of the truck bed. Where Class A RVs are the roomiest and typically have the most amenities, slide-in RVs can often be quite basic. Their kitchen, bathroom and living quarters are more cramped but in exchange for the confined space comes the freedom of being able to get to places other motorhomes and travel trailers might not reach as well as also being able to be detached from the vehicle when not needed.

Lower to Mid Cost, smallest, detached from vehicle, freedom to travel


NOTE: You may also hear about other RV and trailer options such as “toy haulers” “pop-ups,” “horse trailers,” “tear drops” and other more specific and oftentimes custom recreational vehicles. These are variations of the above RVs that are designed to meet specific needs that are usually not as common to the average RV traveler. 

ALSO NOTE: Almost all of the 6 most common types of RVs also have variations in which there is a “slide out” option. A “slide out” is a portion of the RV that literally slides out sideway creating as much as 3-4 feet on either side of the RV for additional living space. These will add more room and, with that both cost and weight. 

Please note that the chart below, while offering a brief summary, does not include adaptations and customizations that make any kind of travel in any kind of RV possible. It is possible to modify any RV to meet the wants and needs of the traveler. But in general, this is a brief overview to help narrow your selection.



Size Attached Offroad


Class A


Largest Yes No


Class B


Moderate Yes Possible


Class C


Moderate Yes Possible


Travel Trailer

Mid to Low

Moderate No Possible


5th Wheel


Moderate No Possible


Truck Camper


Small No Yes




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