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⇒ Want to build your life around FULL TIME TRAVEL or go on the ROAD TRIP OF A LIFETIME?

⇒ Have an ILLNESS or CIRCUMSTANCE that makes travel seem impossible?

⇒ Want to find ways to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE as you travel?

⇒ Don’t know where to BEGIN, or how to CONTINUE TO LIVE on the road?

That’s us!!! We’re broke. We live full-time out of our truck camper RV with Crohn’s Disease. And we’re attempting to drive from Alaska to Argentina. Call us crazy!

But we’re determined to overcome these and other challenges to connect with and help people as we travel!

We want to help you fulfill your dream to travel!

Travel, for us, is more about the journey than the destination.

We want to give back to others as we wander.

By doing so we believe that we become part of a smaller world where every day has purpose and meaning.

We want to share our journey with you – to provide you the INSPIRATION and INFORMATION that helps you overcome obstacles in your life so that you can travel with purpose!

Travel. Connect. Explore.

We believe that travel is the best way to connect people in the world.

A profound transfer of culture, ideas and information takes place when one ventures to a new place.

We call this creating a smaller world.

Travel. Connect. Explore is core to our life mission and we think it should apply in some way to yours!

We also believe that everyone should travel with purpose. Sure, it starts with a vacation or a dream to travel to some part of the country or world.

But in exploring the world there is the opportunity to connect with others in unique ways that bring value to local communities.


We believe that everyone has a story to tell.

By wandering across the world in search of adventure, we desire to share the stories of the people we meet and places we visit through journalistic prose, photography and videos.

Most of the information we share with you comes from our perspective as full-time overlanders living out of our truck camper RV.

However, we chose this lifestyle because of many things that we learned in trying to find ways to pursue our dream of full-time travel.

As such, use our perspective to help you plan your next big adventure – whether overland, by sea, plane or bicycle!

We’re using VIDEOS to give you the inside view to our life as full-time overlanders. Become a part of our story and learn from us as we travel, connect and explore!

On our page you will find inspiring STORIES about the people we meet and help along the way to encourage you to find ways to give to others in your life!

And you will find information about DESTINATIONS we visit so you can plan your next trip to any number of places we share with you!

Additionally you will find RESOURCES that help you plan and carry out your own RV travel adventures!

You will also find PHOTOGRAPHY that Lindsay has taken of the most beautiful people and places that will inspire your next adventure!


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We don’t believe that money solves the world’s problems. We believe that people solve the world’s problems. However, we do recognize that money acts as a bridge to connect people and a tool by which we can help each other.

If you believe in our mission to help others as we pursue our dreams, we would appreciate your support. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve others as we pursue our calling and your support means the world to us.