In each episode we cover a few topics of which you may want to go back and learn more. Here are a few notes and resources from each episode to help you learn how to RV and to experience some of the most beautiful places in North America!

Season 1.5: Episode 1 – Leaving Thermopolis to the Bighorn Canyon

Visit the Meeteetse Chocolatier. You won’t find better chocolate in Wyoming than at the Meeteetse Chocolatier! If you are passing between Thermopolis and Cody this stop is an absolute must! 

Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area. The Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area is a vast stretch of land that straddles the Wyoming-Montana border. Driving through the canyon itself is a worthwhile adventure. However, you can set out on specific activities to search for the famous Pryor Mountain Wild Horses and the bighorn sheep, from which the mountains received their name. 

Camping in the Bighorn Canyon. There are several established campgrounds (dry camping only) throughout the National Recreational Area. If you like where we stayed, here are the coordinates for Barry’s Landing campground. We paid $15 (cash or check) to have the spectacular views of the canyon outside our door! There is a pit toilet in the area as well. (45.09605, -108.20908 Elevation: 3,805 feet).

RV Departure Checklist (post). Use this RV Departure Checklist to make sure you do everything you can to ensure safe travel (and avoid unnecessary embarrassment!). 

How to Load a Flatbed Truck Camper (video). Every flatbed truck camper is unique. Here is how we ensure safety and functionality when loading our camper back on our flatbed truck. 

Season 1.5: Episode 2 – Getting Back to Routines with Life on the Road

Making Coffee First Thing In The Morning. Our favorite “coffee maker” on the road is one that is simple, indestructible and small enough to pack away. For this reason, there’s only one recommendation we have: AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

Maintaining Your RV Tires: Discount Tire is by far the best national tire chain for your full-time RV experience. With hundreds of store locations in 35 US states, you can pretty much find one when you need one. We regularly balance and rotate our tires every 5,000 miles and even had a tire replacement after our journey to the top of the world!

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