8 Questions to Answer Before Buying an RV


So you want to purchase an RV and go on an adventure. It’s probably pretty easy to imagine where you want to go. But, if you’re like we were, your first questions is likely: What type of RV is right for me?

The generic answer to this question is, the one you choose to buy!

No, really. There are a lot of options and the only way to pick the right one is to just pick! Of course if you’re like we were, you can research every type and try and make a more informed decision. But regardless of which choice you make, there are people who will try to convince you that you picked wrongly.

So, here are 8 Questions to ask yourself as you’re trying to make the best decision:

  1. Budget. What is your budget? Whether you are buying an RV as a second/retirement home to supplement your primary brick and mortar home, searching for a “weekend warrior” RV for long weekends and holidays, or moving your entire existence into your RV your budget will vary as much as your RV options.
  2. Size. Is size important? Some RVs can be big, like real big. Others can be small, like real small. You need to determine how much space you think you’ll need based on a variety of factors such as family size, duration of trip and how comfortable you are driving, parking and generally maneuvering your rig.
  3. Connected Living Space. Do you want to be able to access your RV through your vehicle or are you OK with the idea of exiting your vehicle to get to your RV, and vice versa. With some options your vehicle is your RV and your RV is your vehicle. With other options you can, literally, separate the two.
  4. Separate Vehicle. Do you want to have a vehicle that you can separate from your RV in order to have more independence in exploring new areas or to fulfill other non-RV’ing activities? If, for instance, you have or want a truck that you can use for work, taking the family to dinner and parking in the driveway most days out of the year then you can get by with a different kind of RV than if you want an exclusively dedicated RV.
  5. Travel Flexibility. Where are you planning to go? If you’re trying to get off the beaten path, driving a 20-ton RV might not be ideal. But if you’re planning to stick with paved roads then you can cruise in comfort in any number of RVs.
  6. Comfort. How many amenities do you need to feel comfortable? You can find RVs with huge water tanks and gorgeous kitchen appliances or you can get by with less tricked-out models where you might have to come up with your own creative solutions
  7. Duration of Use. How much time do you plan to spend in your RV in the course of a week, month or year? We all have creature comforts and, for most of us, the longer we spend in one place the more inclined we are to want more space to spread out. But this isn’t always true and maybe you’re looking to consolidate your life.
  8. Newness. Are you willing to spend a little time/money to fix up your own RV or would you like it ready to go “out of the box?” New RVs, like most vehicles, lose a lot of their value the day you drive off the lot. Because most people don’t drive many miles and often leave their RVs parked in the same place most of the time, it is possible to find some great deals on used RVs. But that might mean that you have to fix some things.

By the way, once you have answered these questions you will have to put them in the order of importance as they are to you. Only YOU can decide which of these features is most important to you. No online buying guide or slick salesman can convince you that your priorities are not the most important. And this is where it gets tricky.

But don’t worry! However you decide will be the right decision! After all, it’s your road trip and your adventure so don’t mind what everyone else tells you! Enjoy!


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