Help Us Hit the Road

While we have spent a great deal of time preparing to drive the Pan American Highway, there are many things that we know we need to do both before and during the journey. If you would like to partner with us to help us hit the road, we’d appreciate your support and/or contributions in the following ways:

  1. Prayer. We feel “called to wander,” not hired to follow a well-planned itinerary. While we have major waypoints determined, much of the adventure is up in the air and we appreciate prayers for where we will go, the people we will meet and the safety and meeting of our needs along the way.
  2. Relationships. If you know of individuals or organizations that would be a great for our mission, we’d love to start building those relationships now. We are hesitant to commit to time and date certain locations at this point, but we do want to develop friendships with people across North, Central and South America where we could possibly visit along our journey.
  3. Medical Support. While we have saved our own funds to begin the journey, the uncertainty and volatility of the US health care system and the financial burdens associated with it leave us in a constant state of anxiety. Lindsay will have to return to the US every eight weeks for a very specific medical procedure to treat her pre-existing condition and both the health insurance to provide this treatment and the travel expense to bring her home (and back to Chris and Everest) every two months will add up. We would appreciate any donations / sponsorships of any portion of this ongoing expense as we feel Called To Wander despite every reason why we should stay home.
  4. Physical Support. We will be living out of a truck / cabover camper rig so most of our physical needs are limited to the space in which we can contain them. However there are things that are both needs and occasional comforts for which we appreciate your assistance.