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If you are here for the first time, we are Lindsay and Chris! Together with our Australian Cattle Dog, Everest, we are Called to Wander!

We’re in our thirties. We have no kids. We have no home. We have a deep desire to travel and to meet people. So we did what anybody in our situation would do: we bought a truck and camper and headed out to see all 50 states on our way to drive from Alaska to Argentina!

We’re storytellers at heart. Lindsay tells her story through the lens of her camera. Chris uses words and the occasional video.

We want to share our journey with you – to provide you the inspiration and information that helps you overcome obstacles in your life so that you can travel with purpose!

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and, by wandering across the world in search of adventure, we desire to share the stories of the people we meet and places we visit through journalistic prose, photography and videos.

On our page you will find STORIES about the people we meet, places we visit and general experiences we have as we live out of our truck camper.

You will also find PHOTOGRAPHS that Lindsay has taken of the most beautiful people and places that we visit along our multi-year adventure.

Additionally you will find RESOURCES based on our experiences that help you plan and carry out your own travel adventures.


We love people! And we believe that it is important to Travel With Purpose so we are very intentional about connecting with locals during our travels. We want you to follow our stories from the road and feel inspired to follow in our footsteps or head out on a similar journey of your own. We are learning to overcome many obstacles in our own lives – fear of the unknown, medical illness, financial shortfalls – to pursue our dreams of traveling the world and serving others while we visit the places we have only dreamed of visiting!


Our current adventure is our most important one to date! We are attempting to visit ALL 50 US states over the course of 9 months in which we will volunteer for at least one day in each state. We are calling this journey the “Grateful American Road Trip” because we want to give back to others of the generosity that has been shown to us over the years.

While traveling the US we are attempting to fundraise in each state for one or more individuals or organizations seeking financial assistance from their communities through crowdfunding campaigns. It is an ambitious goal. But we hope that any success that we have on our journey will be multiplied in the “super charging” of compassion and giving by you and your friends and family in your community and communities all over the world!

While there are TONS of causes to support, we are focusing on improving the lives of children – specifically those who are orphans, sick or living in poverty.


We met in 2013 on a trip to Cuba and were married nine months later on an island off the coast of Honduras as the sun set on New Years Eve. The next morning instead of making a list of new years resolutions we woke up and began living a new life of adventure together that has led us into some pretty awesome opportunities.

We’ve tried our hand at fixing up and learning to sail a 40-year-old sailboat, the Orange Monkii.

We’ve walked the red carpet of New York City for movie premieres.

We’ve stood feet away from the finish line of the most recent Triple Crown racehorse’s retirement race.

We’ve spent two years fostering over two-dozen boys and girls.

We’ve lived on a houseboat and in the mountains during summer vacations with the children we fostered.

Now, in stepping away from our role as “house parents,” we are starting out on our most ambitious adventure yet as we share in the lives of others and consider starting a family of our own. We have planned a multi-year road trip that follows the Pan American Highway from the northernmost point in Alaska to the southernmost point in Argentina. We’re in our first leg of the journey now and look forward to all of the adventure that our wandering will bring!


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We have learned a LOT by studying the planning of others and feel that the least that we can do is to share the best resources that we have used.

Please explore the options below and let us know if you have any questions for which you cannot find answers!

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Welcome to the beautiful world as seen through Lindsay’s camera lens! With a touch or formal photography education combined with a whole lot of passion, Lindsay loves communicating the world she sees through her photographs.

Enjoy her photo essays below as we continue our journey to explore the world!

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Traveling With Crohn's Disease

Lindsay has Crohn’s Disease. It’s a dream killer for most people who want to travel long term. She’s not letting it kill her dreams though! And neither should you!

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