Alaska to Argentina: Driving the Pan American Highway

We are attempting to drive from Alaska to Argentina while helping people along the way. After selling all of our possessions, our budget is only $25,000. We could only afford a truck camper with nearly 500,000 miles. And we are also traveling with Crohn’s Disease. But we believe that our optimism will overcome these obstacles and more as we travel to make the world a better place!

In 2016 we had the vision to drive the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Argentina. At the time we were fostering 8 children. We owned a 40-year old fixer-upper sailboat. And we knew very little, if anything, about what the journey would entail. But we were inspired by the idea that one day we might hit the road to attempt to complete such an ambitious adventure.

We have always been inspired by adventure and those who have gone before us in exploring the world. So we made changes to our lifestyle and began planning the possibility of the trip.

We saved very aggressively. From time to time we worked extra jobs and found other ways to make a little money here and there. Toward the very end we sold everything that we could sell.

In spring 2018 we hit the road. We wandered a meandering route from our home in Florida to the start of the Pan American Highway in Alaska. This journey in itself covered twenty states, two Canadian provinces and over 10,000 miles. It proved to be both exciting and educational.

In order to drive the Pan American Highway we had to travel along Route 66

Unique Experiences As We Drive the Pan American Highway


  • Visited the home of the Delta Blues and spent time with the last Delta Blues Disc Jockey.
  • Drove Route 66 from Missouri to Arizona
  • Stumbled into the beauty of Palo Duro state park in Texas
  • Witnessed sunrise and sunset from the rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Made great friends with a couple in Las Vegas
  • Made our way through all 5 National Parks in Utah
  • Camped in the most beautiful small town in Colorado
  • Ran wild among the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin
  • Learned the art of giving in the sleepy town of Thermopolis, WY
  • Met the famous highlights of the National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton
  • Played among the waterfalls and sand dunes of Idaho
  • Found rest in the lush, green forests of the Willamet Valley in Oregon

As we drive the Pan American Highway we actively seek ways to connect with people that we can help in some simple, yet meaningful way.

Spiderman visiting a child in the hospotal

Serving Others On Our Wander from Alaska to Argentina


  • Met a young couple determined to start a family and save a life through embryo adoption
  • Followed a super hero of a man as he brought smiles to sick children in the hospital
  • Helped a couple fix their RV so they could make a long trip home
  • Cleaned a portion of the streets of Las Vegas
  • Brought hope and a meal to homeless people in various states
  • Provided and shared a meal with a hardworking and humble couple
  • Found joy in both giving and receiving blessings
  • Assisted a young man to safety from the side of the highway
  • Completed spring cleaning for a family fostering multiple children

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Please make sure to enjoy the wonderful photographs we’ve taken, read the many great stories we’ve experienced and take advantage of the travel tips and resources we have accumulated while on the road!

We are sure to add to these as we attempt to drive the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Argentina!

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Traveling With Crohn's Disease

Lindsay has Crohn’s Disease. It’s a dream killer for most people who want to travel long term. She’s not letting it kill her dreams though! And neither should you!

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