Day 85 (June 21): A Work Week in Leavenworth, Washington

Today is the last of five days that we have spent in Leavenworth, Washington. We’ve realized that most people we know don’t really know or understand what we’re doing. That’s our fault. I fear some of our closest friends and family still think we’re on an extended vacation – not trying to build a storytelling business via a travel blog. That’s our fault too.

So we holed up in Leavenworth, Washington in an effort to regroup. We needed to rebrand our trip for what it is: an overland journey from Alaska to Argentina. And we needed to refocus our effort with laser-sharp focus to share the story of our wander. We have run so fast and far over these months that we have SO MUCH to share. Yet we have done a very poor job in relating the journey to others.

If one week was the minimum amount of time I thought it would take to do this, then five days was certainly not enough.

Everest swimming in Leavenworth

One great thing about a stationary routine – Everest and I walked (and she swam) daily!

Five Days Must Be Enough

However, five days is the most we could find in any one place. Everywhere we looked across the entire state of Washington was booked for each weekend through the rest of summer. This left us with five days here or there. Then we’d have two days to be “homeless” in a wander. Starting Sunday could likely find five more days the following week.

It is inconsistencies like this that have left us bitter that we have not planned this trip better.

But to try and project three months ago that we would be in this place at this time would be absolutely impossible. I never knew a town named Leavenworth, Washington existed until a week ago. In fact, I never would have visited 75% of the places we have gone if I had to choose them before we left.

So we are preparing to leave Leavenworth in the morning. I am still WAY behind where I want to be in sharing the stories of helping people. That, in itself, went sideways when we realized how difficult it is to plan to help people. But once we gave up our structured plan, we found that we had 15 great stories of helping people that we needed to share. You’ll only find three or four of them finished now. Which, writing this, makes me realize how far behind I really am.

So, even though we are way behind schedule we have no more welcome to stay in Leavenworth. Five days will have to be enough. We have become proficient at finding places to boondock on busy weekends like this, or in smaller more obscure locations. But moving on will have its cost on productivity.

Tunnel in Leavenworth where Everest almost went missing

A tunnel on our daily hike in Leavenworth. Everest decided she wanted to jump in here after being told “no!” I had to jump in with her, forgetting that my phone was in my pocket. Everything turned out OK!

Looking Toward Canada

While we have chosen to abandon the next five days of continued work we look north and are constantly teased by the Canadian border. We are anxious to begin our run toward Alaska. And now that we have set our course via a crossing at a more obscure point, rather than either Vancouver or Glacier National Park, we know it is only a matter of time.

Can we find another place to set up shop and work for a few more days? Or will the call to wander overcome the will to work?

I know the answer to that, so I am not sure why I’d even spend the time writing it out. We’re going to cross into Canada soon. We won’t have everything finished with our blog and social media that we want – ever – so what does it matter at this point, right?

The call to wander in us is intense; the call to explore is innate in our being. Our spirits are ripe for the joy of experiencing new beauty and while so much burden weighs us down in our desire to catch up on the “work” of sharing our adventure, there is a certain freedom in choosing to set it all aside to wander…

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