Day 117 (July 23): Handshakes and Halibut

We made friends with a neighbor while camping in a parking lot at Seward the other day. The next day we “upgraded” sites to one along the water and, by chance, there was an open space next to us. I invited our new friends to move with us. They said they’d think about it. After holding their spot for a few hours I finally let it go…

A moment later a group of guys pulled up and asked about the site. I told them it was open and they were excited that they could get a prime spot on the water so late in the day. We introduced each other and quickly became friends.

Friends from Seward

The four of them were away for a “man weekend” and had just gone white water rafting with a fishing trip the next day.

Later we sat by the fire with them making friends and I asked if we could buy some halibut off them if they caught any. We can’t afford fishing trips on this part of our journey ($350+ each) but we can afford a few pounds of fresh halibut from time to time.

“No way,” they all seemed to respond at the same time. And they offered to give us some of the catch. In exchange we offered to cook up a nice Southern meal, blackened fish and grits. They agreed it was a favorable exchange for all of us!

Blackened halibut in the pan.

The Catch

After a full day of fishing they returned with a few pounds of fresh halibut for dinner. True to our word we cooked it up and had an amazing dinner shared over another campfire.

This morning we went for a walk and nearly missed the guys leaving. Two had already gone and the other two were packing to leave. We managed to grab a photo to share with you and get back to packing ourselves.

The next thing we knew the other two showed up. They started fumbling through the coolers in the back of the truck and cane over and gave us another few pounds of halibut, lingcod, and rock fish. They drove all the way back to make sure they could share their catch with us!

Fresh fish shared with us.

As amazing as Alaska is, its people are the best part. We can’t say enough about how much we love people. And now that we are receiving blessings as much as we are giving them to others we see that life should exist in this balance. We are learning that all of life is about giving. There is never too much or too little to share with others in this world.

More friends from Seward.

As you go about your day today, or tomorrow or the next, we encourage you to find ways to give to others. When you do, please reach out to us and share your story! We love to hear stories of people making the world a little smaller!

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