Grateful American Road Trip

About Grateful American Road Trip

We have turned the “Great American Road Trip” into the “Grateful American Road Trip” by connecting with people as we travel through all 50 US states.

We define our visit to a state by connecting with at least one person who has an inspiring story to share. We are specifically advocating for families that have children living with Crohn’s Disease or Cancer, are seeking to foster or adopt children, or who are doing extraordinary things to bring families out of poverty.

As we wander across the United States we are sharing the stories of the people we meet. Please browse through the stories below.

50 States


Of all the states, Georgia is the closest to home for us and holds special meaning.

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In the land of Lincoln we found stories to inspire you to become a superhero in your community!

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Mississippi is the home of the Delta Blues and many passionate people pursuing their dreams.

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